Grilling Tips

Back in June I was asked to be the Grillmaster for a Ward BBQ. I brought my two nephews, Sous Chef Jesse and Sous Chef Sam. On the night before we spent many hours doing prep work as we prepared 3 varieties of burgers & a chicken dish. The night of the BBQ was intense; fed over 50 people. Lots of work, lots of fun. We even had 2 grease fires. The most aggravating part of the BBQ was when someone brought over a package of vegetarian burgers and asked me to cook them. How insulting!

Here is a list of grilling tips which I provided at the BBQ. Included here is the recipe for Cheeseburger of Champions; heavenly burger.

The summer may be winding down but there are many good days of grilling still.

Happy Eating

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One thought on “Grilling Tips

  1. Mmmmmm…. Cheeseburger of champions…. They’re so yummy that you hardly need ketchup, mustard or mayo. But that night my favorite was the Juicy Lucys- cheese burgers with the cheese in the middle of the hamburger patty!

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