Earlier this Summer we had the wonderful opportunity to road trip to the Oregon Coast with Rachel’s brother and family. The drive wore us all out, especially Ruby, but it turned out to be a great trip.

Ruby was sleeping one evening while we were staying at a beach house in Depoe Bay so Rachel and I snuck out for dinner. We drove around for a while not sure where to go. Tim’s garmin kept giving up suggestions close in proximity but nothing sounded quite right. We then decided to drive a few miles to Lincoln City and eat at Mo’s Chowder.

As soon as you enter Oregon, the ramblings about Mo’s begin. “The place is fabulous” everyone would say; “Try the chowder.” How can your turn that down?

The parking lot was packed with every Tourist staying within ten miles. At the front door they are very quick to greet you with a friendly “welcome to Mo’s.” You wait in line and then are escorted to your table. Ironically you are practically sitting at the same table as other people. We made fast friends with the couple next to us. They also gave us suggestions on what to order and also what neighborhoods were safe in Portland (we were heading there in a couple days).

One item on the menu kept sticking out to me. See if you could resist this description, Bouillabaisse: Oregon Bay Shrimp, Salmon, Cod, Yaquina Bay Oysters, Clams and Crab Legs simmered in a light tomato broth served with a piece of garlic cheese bread. Yummy! I loved it; took the rest home and ate it for breakfast (not kidding). The tomato broth had a spicy bite to it. Every spoonful was heaven.

For an appetizer I got a bowl of chowder. It is called Mo’s Chowder after all and they push it on you like a car dealer selling a warranty. My advice: the chowder was famous at one point but that was must have been decades ago. It is bland with too many large chunks of potatoes. Stick with the Hot Shrimp Artichoke Dip as an appetizer.

For those traveling to the Oregon Coast, definitely eat at Mo’s Chowder. The place is an institution and worth the experience alone. But please spend the $4.50 for a bowl of clam chowder on something else.

Happy Eating.