For most of my life I have lived in the Salt Lake area. This had led to countless trip north on Interstate 15 for work, play, or vacation. In all that time I cannot recall ever getting off at the Roy exit in Davis County. Maybe I went to the Hill Air Force Base Museum as a kid, or showed a home in that area, but I don’t remember.

Last week we were heading to Bear Lake and had previously decided to make a stop in Roy, Utah. Why you might ask? For the best reason possible: Food.

The Burger Bar has been a Roy institution since 1956. I am sure that it was on a small country road back then. With it’s location at a busy intersection and close proximity to I-15, it has exploded in popularity. Places like this create a cult-like following. Add to this the fact that Burger Bar was featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. It has the 50’s style outdoor walk-up counter. Can we say Americana? There are some concrete benches out front where you can sit down to eat. The other option is to take it to-go.

I ordered a Big Cheese Ben burger with fries and a large Dr. Pepper (that has the great crunchy ice). Rachel got the same except for onion rings instead of fries. It was all delicious. Most places that have been on Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives are. First, the burgers are HUGE. You can tell that they use good quality meat. The buns must be home-made as they are soft (it reminds you of Hires’ buns) and the burgers are nice and juicy with a big dollop of home-made fry sauce on them. The fries are twice-fried. They have a crunch and are overall delicious. The onion rings are also amazing; crunchy with true batter, not the bread crumbs, this makes a thin breading, not too greasy.

There was a third of my burger and half the fries remaining and I was stuffed. We got there at 10:45am (it opens at 10:00am for true Foodies) and by 11:15am the place was getting busy. I didn’t eat again until about 6:30pm that evening.

For anyone traveling north or south on I-15 through Davis County, don’t hesitate to stop at the Burger Bar in Roy. Your only disappointment will be trying to find the northbound freeway entrance after you eat.

Burger Bar
5291 South 1900 West
Roy, Utah

Happy Eating.

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