This spring, Rachel and I planted basil, oregano, parsley, green onion, rosemary, thyme, lemongrass, green bell pepper and jalapeno pepper. We looked forward to the many dishes that would benefit from these herbs & vegetables. It was overall a fabulous summer with many delicious foods.

Most of the plants did well. It seemed like the basil needed to be picked every few days. The oregano was growing like a vine; as was the thyme. The peppers on the other hand, never got going. I love to cook spicy food. I was definitely looking forward to some bell peppers in salads, spaghetti and rice dishes. The jalapeno peppers would definitely add some kick to soups, sauces and whatever else I could sneak it in without Rachel knowing (until she took a bite).

Unfortunately, all the peppers had to come from the store. Take a look at our lack of a bumper crop this year.

The larger bell pepper on the left is about the size of a golf ball. This was the harvest.

Not even a bud of a pepper on the jalapeno peppers all season.

If you have any advice for how to get a more bountiful pepper crop, i’m all ears.

Happy Eating