Your Recipes and Restaurant Reviews

Some of the greatest times I have each week are experimenting with recipes and enjoying delicious restaurants. I love finding what works in a recipe, what can be changed, and what restaurants are the best kept secrets.

I want to hear from you about which recipes you love, your recent cooking adventures, and which restaurants keep calling to you. Please share. I am looking forward to trying many of these. Just yesterday, a friend commented on facebook that he tried the Sage Pork Tenderloin and it was delicious. This made my day.

Happy Eating (and Cooking).

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2 thoughts on “Your Recipes and Restaurant Reviews

  1. A co-worker recently told me about Frida Bistro at 545 West and 700 South. It’s supposed to be like Red Iguana but better. It’s a few bucks more but supposed to be totally worth it. I say add it to your list and make sure I get to come along on that try.

  2. I just heard about Lucky 13 from a friend. It is west of the Bee’s stadium and he claims they have the best burger in SL.

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