Last week I was planning to meet my Sister for lunch. I threw out a bunch of options, one of which was Mountain City Restaurant: Authentic Chinese Food. Neither my Sister or I had been here in a few years so we jumped at the chance.

After being seated by the overzealous owner, I ordered the Number 3 Dinner for One (even though it was lunch time). It included soup, cashew chicken, sweet & sour pork, and ham fried rice; all for the lovely price of $7.75.

The food was definitely average; The wonton soup was nothing more than boiled salt water with wonton chips and some other unidentifiable items in there. It was very bland. Thankfully my daughter loves eating soup with a spoon so I let her work on it.

The sweet & sour pork was actually decent; the pork was overcooked and didn’t have much taste but the batter was sweet and crispy. The ham fried rice was tasteless and had a crunch that made it feel like it was a couple days old. And for the cashew chicken: absolutely awful! The vegetables and chicken are covered with a clear slime. The vegetables are barely cooked; if at all. And the chicken is rubbery and looks really gross and tastes worse.

I believe that the owner means well but she is really annoying. After the 10th time (not exaggerating) of her coming around and grabbing your fork and giving food to your kid, you are ready to leave. I will always remember the look on my sister’s face when the owner quickly moved a forkful of rice towards my 8 month old nephew’s mouth.

On the drive home, I pondered which fast food drive thru would fix my hunger pains. If you are thinking of going here, don’t. Drive 4 blocks west on Murray Holladay Road and go to Pawit’s Royale Thai; reviewed here. 

Happy Eating.

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