Last month the Salt Lake Tribune published an article about the top 10 small town drive-ins in Utah. My mouth was watering as I pictured myself eating at the Burger Bar in Roy (reviewed here), continuing on to Maddox in Perry, and finishing up at the Hometown Drive Inn at Bear Lake. You could hit a few of these in a day, just enough time to make it to your cardiologist appointment. Many of these are your typical side-of-the-road grease food. I love it. Someday soon, I will release a book about my Foodie Road Trip.

Small Town/Old School Attraction

One of the joints left out was Glade’s Drive Inn in Spanish Fork. This place has been around long enough that it’s practically an institution. We stopped here on our way to Canyonlands two weeks ago. I had not been here since 2002. We were in college and drove the 55 miles because someone loved their fry sauce (it was also her birthday). I remember being unimpressed with the fry sauce but didn’t remember much else.

Forgettable Food

There wasn’t much else to remember. The fry sauce is pretty much mayonnaise. The fries came from a high school cafeteria. And the cheeseburger was of lesser quality than a $1.00 burger from McDonald’s. Maybe the shakes are good but I didn’t find out.

It has the small town drive inn feel; which really draws you in. Unfortunately, that is the end of the excitement.

Sorry Glades, I now know why you were left off the list.

Happy Eating.

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