Often, I eat at a restaurant based on the feel of the place. For years now I have driven by Tickles. It’s definitely a dive and is located not far from my home. As my friend and I were discussing where to eat for lunch, I thought, “it’s time to try Tickles.”

The place looks like with a huff and a puff, you could blow it down. It’s obvious that nothing has been updated for probably 20 years. Maybe that is how the owner likes it; keeps the overhead down. There is still the menu board from many decades ago, the run down tables & chairs. One table even had a folded wad of newspaper under the leg to keep it stable.

As for the food, I ordered the Gyro combo. It’s pretty much that or a cheeseburger. They said that they had spaghetti but I wouldn’t dare. When the gyro & fries arrived, it was painfully small; maybe because I was really hungry.

Like a school lunch gone bad

In addition to the small portion size, the food was awful. The fries were freezer burned, and the Gyro had a large glob of vanilla yogurt sauce; far too much. Maybe it was to drown out the flavorless meat. The only thing that was good were the little bits of parsley in the yogurt sauce.

The price is cheap, $6.95 for the gyro combo but keep your money. This place seems to imitate Yanni’s but don’t go for imitation. Drive to Yanni’s or Greek Souvlaki.

3872 South 900 East
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106

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