Often I am drawn to a restaurant simply by it’s name; Old Bridge Cafe, Red Ginger Bistro, Curry Fried Chicken. There is definitely a branding and marketing appeal in having a great name. While discussing where to eat with my friend Pete last week, I had Eater’s block. I couldn’t come up with a place. Initially I mentioned an Indian restaurant (which is great food by the way) but that really wasn’t calling me from within. I was scanning google maps in order to find a place for lunch. It worked as I came across the Bohemian Brewery. A while back my parents had gone here. They said that it was good but never mentioned much about the food.

You feel like you are in a Bavarian Chalet during Oktoberfest; beer, beer everywhere. I am a Teetotaler and wondered if my experience at Red Rock Brewery would be repeated. The many people entering the restaurant right at noon did speak highly of the popularity of the place.

Shortly after we were seated,the waitress brought out some bread with a side of butter. The butter looked odd at first and I wondered if it may have been dropped on the floor-there were lots of food bits in it. I tasted it just to be safe and was delighted. The food bits were pimento, green olive, Parmesan and garlic. It was delicious. So much for limiting my carbs.

You really become awestruck as you read the menu. Everything from Summer Salad with Goat Cheese to a Brew Master’s Basket and Bohemian Goulash. One of those moments where I was really glad that I came.

Ultimately, the Pastrami Philly on the Lunch Specials part of the menu called my name. It’s pastrami, caramelized onions, sweet peppers, Swiss cheese on a Parmesan hoagie with chipotle aioli and served with garlic fries. I upgraded to sweet potato fries for $1.00. Maybe not as glamorous as other foods on the menu but it looked delicious.

My sandwich was done to perfection. It’s easy to see that they use quality ingredients and take great care in preparing the dishes. The pastrami was not left over from days prior, it was very fresh and moist. The peppers and onions were very delicious and full of flavor. And how can you not love sweet potato fries? They had a little extra batter which adds to the crunch. I was incredibly full as it’s a heavy sandwich.

What a wonderful place. Get there early as it was full by shortly after noon. They were a little short on wait staff so I felt bad for our server. She seemed to be taking care of half the restaurant. She was wonderful however and the food was definitely worth the wait. If you want pub food, I would pick this ten to one over Hopper’s.

As my friend and I were wrapping up our conversation. He stated that when traveling for work, he tries to stay unemotional about food. This goes against everything that I stand for.

94 East 7200 South
Midvale, Utah, 84047

Happy Eating

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