This post will be brief because that is all it deserves. I met a good friend for lunch at Boardwalk Pizza in Sugarhouse last Friday. It’s located in a building that was recently refurbished; a very nice change to a once seedy spot.

While reviewing the menu you could say that price shock hit me. A 12″ Sub for $13.49? A 16″ Pizza for $21.99? A Calzone from $11.49 -$13.99? I’m all about paying for good food but this really seemed like a lot.

Thankfully they had a lunch special which included a side salad and all you can eat pizza for $7.00. Before I pay $21.99 for a pizza, I will do a taste-test with the buffet.

The salad appeared to be pre-packaged from the grocery store. The pizza was okay at best. Obviously when you serve quantity over quality, that is what you would expect.

They do have a large alcoholic beverage selection. This must be the trick for enjoying the food. They also have televisions in each booth. It might be a good place to watch a game but you will need to go out to eat after. If you want to watch a game and eat good food, including pizza, go to Fat’s Grill. It’s just around the corner.

Happy Eating

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photo credit: City Weekly