This is a quick shout out to Wallabys Smokehouse in Lindon, Utah. I was in Utah County showing some homes about 3 weeks ago. We only had time for a quick lunch. While checking around, our options were fast food, Kneaders or Wallabys Smokehouse. Kneaders is good but the decision was not hard. We wanted some Southern BBQ.

As soon as you walk in, it’s pretty evident that they know what they are doing. The BBQ aroma that filled the air did not come from a novice; it came from an expert. They have 3 smokers; all beautiful looking contraptions. It reminded me of my dream kitchen.

I ordered the Smokehouse Meal with Hand Pulled Pork. For my two sides I got Fresh Veggies and Baked Beans.

The Pulled Pork was fantastic. Just this fall I smoked up a Boston Butt with a Honey Mustard Glaze. At that moment I fell in love with pulled pork. Wallabys smoked it to perfection. I had so much fun drowning the meat in their famous homemade BBQ sauce.

My client had a Sandwich Sanger. It comes with your choice of meat and I don’t recall which he ordered. I do know however that for one of his sides he had the Rice and Beans. It looked wonderful and came with the most delicious sauce. I asked the owner what it was and he said it was a Chipotle Sour Cream sauce. I have been attempting to recreate it since.

The baked beans were good. To this day, the best baked beans that I have ever had at a BBQ restaurant are at Sugarhouse BBQ. Those are sweet tasting and second to none.

While you will have many food choices in the Orem/Pleasant Grove/Lindon area, it’s worth the trip to Wallabys Smokehouse. Their menu is also 95% Gluten Free. Nothing like a lot of meat to solve that problem.

131 South State Street
Lindon, Utah, 84042
Happy Eating

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Photo Credits: Yelp, Alpine School District, Trip Advisor