Now picture this if you will: It’s New Years Eve, you are heading to visit friends, it’s snowing, you are going to a restaurant in just over an hour with those friends but you have heard of another restaurant within 10 miles of their home that came highly recommended. Do you eat twice? I would have loved to go on New Years Day but the place would be closed.

On the way there I figured it out. We called a head and ordered some food to go, picked it up and headed to our friend’s home. You would have thought that our friends would have been shocked and offended that I brought food just as we were heading out to eat. They have known me long enough to embrace my quirks. Placing the food in the fridge, we went to Cubby’s-review coming soon.

All evening and through the night I thought of the ribs, brisket, beans and smashed garlic taters. I was too full from Cubby’s to eat right after dinner. Since it was new years eve, there was far too many snacks, cookies, crackers and cheese to eat the meal late. For breakfast we had pancakes & sausage so my desire was again delayed. Later that afternoon while watching football, it was time to indulge.

Brisket is one of the meats we judge at the Kansas City Barbeque Society. The Smoking Apple would get the highest review on the scorecard for brisket. It was very tender, moist and flavorful. The Ribs (also judged at KCBS), would get high marks in flavor and presentation but it was pretty dry. It did have a great glaze to it which always adds to the experience.

As for the sides, the Smashed Garlic Taters were unique but not wonderful. It did have some flavor but not enough. The Beans however were fantastic. They were smoked, sweet and just plain good. It would be tough to beat the beans at Sugarhouse BBQ, but these are a very close second. The Corn look like plain old corn kernels but taste much different that that. They must be soaked in sugar for a few days; very sweet and very delicious. It’s a wonderful side dish and a take on corn that I have never experienced before.

The absolute best part of The Smoking Apple is their BBQ Sauce. I’m sure that it’s a closely guarded secret but it’s sweet, tangy with some great herb flavors. You could pour this stuff on your shoe and it would taste good.

The Smoking Apple is just a few blocks north of Wallaby’s Smokehouse and was recommended by someone who saw my review on Wallaby’s. They are both great. My recommendation would be to go to one for lunch and the other for dinner. Not a better day could be had.

The Smoking Apple
70 N. State St.
Lindon, Utah, 84042

Happy Eating

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