Since it’s April 15th, I hope that you got a nice big tax return. Anyway, that’s not the surprise. 

Last month I wrote about “Suprise Announcement #1” but wasn’t quite ready to announce the next suprise. Just to tease you all further, I had another post, “Announcement #1, Addendum 2.” 

Now it’s time to fess up and get the cat out of the bag.

Announcement #2: We are moving to a WordPress site. What does this mean? Well for a technology novice like myself, not much initially. But I have come to learn that there is a huge benefit to switching. 

The new site will be This will allow for greater access and a whole lot of other cool things. 

Now if that is a letdown to you, let me include a great recipe, especially since BBQ Season is upon us. 

Smoked Pork Shoulder with a Honey Mustard Glaze 

Please join me on the new site and thank you for all your support.