Beyond Glaze Bacon donut

Bacon Maple Donut

I’ve heard a story of a guy who was 28 years sober but anytime he drove past a liquor store, he would get those jitters and become a dry drunk. “Once is one too many and one more is never enough” as the song goes.

For the past six months I have been working out 3-4 times a week. I feel better overall and have been eating less burgers, fries, candy bars and soda. Tough to believe for some of you right?

I bring up both of these stories because last week, Rachel brought me home 2 doughnuts from Beyond Glaze. Not having heard of the place, I was excited and curious. Just looking at the masterpieces you knew that this wasn’t a treat you ate in passing. These would command your full attention and appetite.

Beyond Glaze 3 donuts

The minute I bit into the first one I fully understood the line from song above (once is one too many). There was no stopping now. I ate it all and this was around 4:00pm. Dinner is usually around 6:00pm and I was barely ready for that.

Not comprehending my own emotions I was grateful to find out that the location was in Draper. The pain of driving there would outweigh the craving. That was until anxiety struck and I saw that they will be opening a location in Sugarhouse.

Donuts soon anyone?

Happy Eating