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It was my Sister-in-Law Mich’s birthday and Rachel recommended that we take her out to dinner. She asked for my suggestions and was obviously digusted at my first choice. Either she has been there and didn’t like the food, or after 10 years of marriage, you just tune out the first thing your spouse says regardless of the value.

I picked my bruised ego up off the floor and mentally dug for some other ideas. Taqueria 27 was on my list of places to try (what isn’t) and is also close to our house. Both Rachel and Mich thought that this sounded good; marriage saved.

Taqueria 27 Guacamole

Tomatillo Gucamole

Taqueria 27 is tucked into a quiet strip mall off Foothill Dr. in Salt Lake City. The place is pretty cozy and has the feel of a fancy hotel lounge. It was also Saturday night and it was very busy. While waiting for a table, I strategically placed myself where I could watch both the diners and the cooks; everything looked delicious and I especially loved watching the cooks load those tacos up with fresh ingredients.

Being a Taqueria, they have a great selection of Tacos and Mole, but they also could be known as “Guacamole 27.” They have Traditional, Mango, Citrus, Tomatillo, Roasted and the Guacamole of the Day. We went with the Tomatillo. It has Cotija (Hispanic style cheese), Pumpkin Seeds, Habanero and Oregano. The texture was incredibly smooth and it is served with crispy housemade tortilla chips. Just as you are relishing in the first bite, the habaneros hit you. They are powerful and add a delicious complexity to the gucamole. I could eat this with a spoon.

Queso Fundido

Queso Fundido

The Guacamole could be considered our appetizer but we still needed a “Starter.” For that we chose the Queso Fundido: Oaxaca and Chihuahua Cheeses melted together with Mole Verde. The description alone sounded delicious, even if I didn’t know what some of those ingredients were. It comes out in a miniature fondue pot with a candle underneath. It has a strong flavor but is creamy and overall delicious.

There are 8 styles of Tacos in addition to the Taco of the Day. You can order 2 or 4 of each. The biggest concern was which tacos and how many? We decided to go with 4 types, 2 of each. 8 should be enough right? We ordered the Achiote, Carnitas, Wild Mushroom and Duck Confit.

Achiote Marinated Chicken Tacos

Achiote Marinated Chicken Tacos

There was not a bad taco in the bunch. The runner up for me was the Achiote. The salsa crudo, chipotle crema, avocado and queso fresco made this a site and taste to behold. The chicken was moist and combined with the other ingredients, was a really culinary delight.

The gold medal winner in the taco category were the Carnitas. They have a citrus marinated slow roasted pork, charred tomatillo salsa, pickled red onions and chicharones (fried pork rinds). You could have served these just with the corn tortilla and the slow-roasted pork and they would have been good. The salsa, picked onions and chicharones were a bonus and added some crunch. Taqueria 27 and Brewvies have some of the best slow-roasted pork around.

Taqueria 27 Wild Mushroom

Wild Mushroom

There was no room for dessert; 3 tacos in the to-go container proved that. Although the T27 Donuts dusted with Mexican Chocolate Sugar sounded like heaven. I will have to return to find the gold medal winner in the other taco categories.



Taqueria 27
1615 South Foothill Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84108

Happy Eating

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