Great Harvest Cafe: Sandwich, Cookie, Wifi, Bookstore?

No doubt, you have likely eaten bread from Great Harvest at some point in your life; maybe on a regular basis. If not a loaf of bread, you have stopped in for a free slice. The quality and freshness is second to none. Now you can have that same incredible level of freshness and quality in a sandwich. Great Harvest Café is now open in Holladay at the location of the old Baskin Robbins, and a short lived pizza joint. Their menu isn’t large but a few Premium and Classic sandwiches on Great Harvest Bread, in a relaxed Café setting, is all you need. 

Turkey Cobb Sandwich

Turkey Cobb Sandwich

For $7.20, you can get a Full size Premium sandwich, ($5.20 for a half). Your choice of Holladay Club, Turkey Cobb, Pepper Bleu Roast Beef, Chicken Cranberry Pecan Salad Sandwich, or the Workman.

I went with the Turkey Cobb: Turkey with Avocado, Bacon, Bleu Cheese Spread, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Green Leaf Lettuce on their Honey Whole Wheat Bread. Wow, it was wonderful! All of those flavors together created what might be deemed a masterpiece. Everything was fresh and delicious.

The food is only part of the equation here at Great Harvest Cafe. The atmosphere completes the experience. It is a relaxed setting with wifi and even a side room with couches, so you can work, or at least pretend to. That side room then opens into a bookstore. What a great way to spend the afternoon.

You may go to a place because you need the wifi but the food is pretty bad. Great Harvest Bread has that hideout feel without compromising taste & quality. So grateful for this little oasis. 

Great Harvest Cafe
4667 South 2300 East
Holladay, Utah, 84117

 Happy Eating
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Wasatch Pizza

Wasatch Pizza Logo

It was the night before Rachel was leaving the country for 11 days (nothing criminal) and we were busy with a lot of last minute things. I was craving pizza but nothing sounded good. Not the usual places that I order from nor anything that I could think of. What I really needed was some good pizza that night with enough leftover for random meals for the next couple days.

Doing some research online, it appeared that the place I had in mind was no longer in business. I then came across Wasatch Pizza. An old friend use to order from here about twice a week. He loved it and so I thought, why not.

They have some fabulous options on their menu. I went with the Pepperoni Arezzio and the Widowmaker: Ham, Salami, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Seasoned Beef & Black Olives topped with a layer of Mozzarella with their famous Wasatch Marinara.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack

This is some heavy pizza. One slice and you are wondering if it’s worth it to go for another.   You will pay more at Wasatch compared to others, but the high quality is apparent with the first bite.

Also, their Marinara sauce is pure heaven. They have a delicious combination of spices that left my mouth watering for more. I love a good marinara. Be sure to order of the Cheese Bread with Marinara for Dipping. Even the cheese bread is of utmost quality. The herbs are not dry and shaken on from a bottle of Italian Seasoning, they are fresh and delicious.

Here are some of their other Pizza options: Garlic Tomato, Maui Wowie, Great Scott, Mt. Nebo, Mt. Olympus, Lone Peak, King’s Peak, Mt. Wolverine, Grizzly Gulch and Cajun Queen among others. I had better set aside some money to try all these creations.

Wasatch Pizza, all I can say is “WOW,” and I can also be grateful that I have leftovers in my fridge. Cold pizza for breakfast anyone?

Wasatch Pizza 
Downtown/University Location
820 East 400 South
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84102

Happy Eating

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Smoked Herb Butter Chicken

Last week I used the Smoker for the first time this season. It was incredible and I look forward to a summer of smoking. This weekend I will smoke a chicken. It reminded me of the first time smoking chickens:

My love for the smoker grows each time I use it. Traeger recommended this recipe for whole roasted chickens. I quickly fell in love when I found a whole chicken at the grocery store runs $5-$7, cooks in under 90 minutes, and feeds many.

Sous Chef Sam and I made 2 chickens along with Roasted Tomato Bisque and Herbed Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

Smoked Roasted Chicken with Herbed Butter

8 tablespoons butter, at room temperature
1 scallion, white and green parts finely minced
1 clove garlic, finely minced
2 tablespoons minced fresh herbs, such as thyme, rosemary, oregano, basil, sage or parsley, plus extra sprigs for roasting
2 1/2 teaspoons Cajun Seasoning
A few drops of fresh lemon juice
1 4-to-4 1/2 pound chicken

In a small bowl, combine the butter, scallion, garlic, minced fresh herbs, 1-1/2 teaspoon of the rub, and the lemon juice and blend well with a wooden spoon.

Herbed Butter

Remove any giblets from the cavity of the chicken. Wash the chicken inside and out with cold running water. Dry thoroughly with paper towels. Sprinkle the remaining 1 teaspoon of the rub in the cavity of the chicken. Slip a few sprigs of fresh herbs (see list of options above) into the cavity as well. Smear the outside of the chicken with the butter-herb mixture. Tuck the chicken wings behind the back. Tie the legs together with butcher’s string.

Ready for the Grill. Notice Sam’s fabulous knots?

When ready to cook, start the Traeger grill on Smoke with the lid open until the fire is established (4 to 5 minutes). Set the temperature to 400 degrees F and preheat, lid closed, for 10 to 15 minutes.

Oil the grill grate with vegetable oil. Place the chicken on the grill grate, breast-side up, and close the lid. After 1 hour, lift the lid. If the chicken is browning too quickly, cover the breast
and legs with aluminum foil. Close the lid and continue to roast the chicken until an instant-read meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of a thigh registers a temperature of 165 degrees F, 15 to 20 minutes more. Remove the chicken to a platter and allow to rest for 3 minutes. Untie the legs and carve.

We used Rosemary, Basil, and Cilantro in the butter and Rosemary in the cavity of the chicken. Knowing that Sous Chef Sam has a knack for knot tying, I asked him to tie the wings and legs. He would have made the Mafia proud with his knots. I also love that Sam has a similar gift as myself-saying what’s on his mind before thinking about it. After tying the knots he said, “Wow, messing with chickens is kind of morbid. Do you think that most serial killers got their start as butchers?” Oh how I love my Sous Chefs.

As we opened the grill to check on the chickens, the crispiness of the herbed-butter crust was something that belonged in a museum. What a work of art. I stood there in awe, not wanting the ruin the perfection of the moment. “And I knew just as surely, just as clearly, that life is not a work of art, and that the moment could not last” (A River Runs Through It).

The chicken was moist, tender and perfectly crisp. Since it’s only on the smoker for 90 minutes, the flavor doesn’t incorporate as far, but it was delicious anyway.

The Grill can fit 6 chickens at a time. Any suggestions on recipes?

Happy Eating.


Boba World: Authentic Hand-Made Shanghai Noodles

Boba World Shanghai Beef Noodles

A friend with whom I have a lunch date weekly, was watching the food channel one evening. His mouth started watering as he saw authentic Shanghai noodles being made at a restaurant in the Northwest. Not wanting the craving to go by without at least having a plan on when he could eat them, he jumped online and did some research.

I received his e-mail late that night and he was ecstatic that he found a place in Woods Cross, just north of Salt Lake, that makes these noodles. We quickly set a date & time in our schedules before anything else could disrupt the task of finding delicious food.

Here is the article:

Boba World: Authentic Shanghai Cuisine

Thank you very much for reading, rating and commenting.

Boba World Shanghai Juicy Dumplings

Happy Eating

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Spicy Smoked Pork Chili!

Sous Chef Jesse prepping the pork shoulder for the Smoker

Sous Chef Jesse prepping the pork shoulder for the Smoker

Never have cooked a chili before, I was a little nervous about not only being a participant in a chili cook-off but helping to organize the event. The pressure was on so I decided to research, then improvise.

The first thing I knew that I needed to do was to smoke some meat. How about a pork shoulder?


In a Hearty Fall Soups class with Chef Todd Leonard, we had made Texas Chili and Beans. I improvised here and there (mostly with pork shoulder instead of beef). It was a lot of fun.

Spicy Pork Chili cooking

1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 pound sweet onion, medium dice
10 garlic cloves, chopped
1 1/2 quarts chicken stock
28 oz can, San Marzano Tomatoes
10 ounces Anaheim chili pepper, small dice
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
5 tablespoons chili powder
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
4 teaspoons cumin
1/2 cup masa harina, or cornmeal
Pinto Beans, as needed

Smoke the Pork Shoulder, tear apart by hand

Heat a pot over medium heat and add the oil. Sweat the onions & garlic then add the Anaheim chilies, cook until soft. 

Add the juice from San Marzano tomatoes into pot, then hand squeeze tomatoes. Add salt, black pepper, chili powder, cayenne pepper, oregano and cumin. Simmer for 2 hours. 

Make a slurry with a masa harina and 1 cup cold chicken stock. Stir the slurry into the chili. Continue to cook until broth thickens. Add pork shoulder, cooked pinto beans. 

Thin with additional chicken stock if needed. Serve, enjoy. 

Spicy Pork Chili

It was a lot of fun and it was almost gone by the time the night was over. Now for the next chili: this will have ground beef and italian sausage.

Happy Eating

Tony Burgers: I’ll have the Chuck, Sirloin and Brisket Burger Please!

Normally, Tony Burgers is not a place that I would try; it’s showy, trendy, and you wonder if it will be around in a few years. I did stop, however, because I was on my way to Rachel’s work, this restaurant was on that path, and the hunger pains were calling.

Even though it was trendy looking inside, I did like the feel of the place. I ordered a Tonyburger with American cheese, raw onion, tomato, pickles, Tony sauce, a side of fries and a drink. They advertise the fact well that their meat is a mixture of sirloin, chuck and brisket. Apparently the Owners criss-crossed the country doing research in preparation for opening this joint. They must have met up with Michael Symon of Food Network fame; he does a similar thing (mixing the types of meat) with his burgers.

The burger really is delicious. Mixing the different types of meats gives it a stronger, fresher flavor. The website says that it’s “addicting” and I would have to agree. Often the only flavor some burgers have is the condiments-maybe that is why they got rid of “pink slime.” The fries were also wonderful. They are hand cut and cooked twice in the perfect blend of oil. It does seem to be an imitation of Hires’ fries. Not as greasy’, but I will still give Hires the upper hand.

You will spend over $10 for a combo; about average given a gourmet burger place these days. That is a tough psychological hurdle-to be over $10 for a burger combo. Probably not a place I will frequent, but good food nonetheless. Their salads and shakes look good and would likely make it worth a return trip.

613 E. 400 S. 
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84102 

Happy Eating

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Delicious Salt Lake Dives & Delights!

Slow Roasted Pork Nachos

Slow Roasted Pork Nachos

For the past 2 months, I have had the pleasure of food writing for a local publication. I love being on the hunt for great restaurants. Many are distracted by their smartphones or music while driving. I’m always rubber necking and saying to myself “hey, what place is that?” I get giddy just thinking about it.

Here are some great places that you might have missed.

Liberty Heights Fresh: Elevate Your Lunch with Tasty Sandwiches

Pawit’s Royale Thai: Searching for Tom Yum Gai Perfection

Sammy’s Pieshakes: The Powers of Pie and Ice Cream Combined

Siam Orchid: Create Your Own Noodle Bowl

Penny Ann’s Cafe: You’ll Love the “Heavenly” Hot Cakes

Brewvies: Make a Meal out of the “Teasers”

Joni’s Deli: A Delightful Steak Philly

Grove Market & Deli: Huge Sandwiches At Secret Main Street Spot

So please, which place is next?

Happy Eating

Stella Grill: Enchiladas with Chocolate?

Stella Grill Sign

This is one of those restaurants that I drive past often and always think “I should go there soon.” Saying you should do things soon or do things when you have time is the same as saying that you will save whatever money is leftover at the end of the month. It never happens. Unless you block out time to do it, the opportunity will pass you by.

Not wanting this to be one of the biggest regrets on my deathbed, I scheduled to meet a client at Stella Grill. Over the course of a few weeks, we actually met here twice. He had been raving about the place.

The first time we went, I got the Pub Club sandwich. I use to get these often at Hopper’s until that place declined. There were some good ingredients in Stella’s Pub Club but you had to search for them. The bread really overpowered everything else.



For our next business lunch (I can think of no better way to conduct business than over food), I was torn over the Tacos, Fajitas or Enchiladas. That was until the waiter mentioned that the Enchiladas had chocolate as one of the ingredients. Sold! The next concern: Beef, Chicken, Veggie or Cheese; and 1, 2 or 3 Enchiladas. Ordering 3 was only $1.00 more than 2, so why not; my daughter’s college fund can wait. I got 2 chicken and 1 beef.

The presentation was so beautiful that you almost hated to ruin it. But with hunger pains setting in, it was time to indulge. The Enchiladas were served with Southwest corn succotash, black beans, guacamole and pico de gallo. The succotash was phenomenal. It was corn, onions, green and red bell peppers along with garlic and butter. I could have eaten a tub of this stuff.

The enchiladas were extremely delicious. When they mentioned the chocolate, I had visions of a crepe with soft, warm chocolate sauce oozing onto the plate. It was not quite like that; it is added into the Mole sauce and is very sublte but adds a nice sweet component.

Both the chicken and beef were very tender, moist and flavorful. Wrapped in a delicious corn tortilla and smothered with cheese and mole sauce, this was a work of art.

Open Face Hangar Steak

Open Face Hangar Steak

My friend got the Open Face Hanger Sandwich: crimini mushrooms, bleu cheese, basil mayo, demi glace on ciabatta bread. With a lack of ettiquete, I stared at his plate with that beautiful, medium-rare steak sprinkled with mushrooms and bleu cheese. It must be what people do when they first see the Grand Canyon: “It’s Beautiful.”

I am sure that whatever business we transacted will work out just fine; assuming we did any at all. Now how soon can I get back and try the Hanger Steak Sandwich?

Happy Eating

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Salt City Cheesesteaks: Beer Battered Onion Rings and Whiz Steak

Salt City Cheesesteak Exterior

Last March I went to Back East Cheesesteaks. I really enjoyed the food and attempted twice more to eat there; both without success. There was a sign in the window that they were “closed for skiing” or “closed on mondays.” I did not attempt to go back again for a while. Driving by last month I noticed that a new sign had been put up. It was now called “Salt City Cheesesteaks.” Time to go back I told myself.

Tuesday was the day and I arrived with my good friend who joins me weekly for lunch. The workers are all excited, happy, passionate, kind people. I asked the girl taking our order what happened to Back East. She said that they went out of business and then pointed to the kitchen and said that these were the new owners.

Salt City Cheesesteak Bleu Bacon

The menu gave you a choice if you wanted a Cheesestead for every day of the week and 2 for each day of the weekend: Salt City Classic, American Steak, Whiz Steak, Pepper Steak, Chicken Philly, Sweet Pulled Pork, Bleu Bacon Steak, Garlic Mushroom Steak, French Dip and Veggie. It was a little overwhelming. Ultimately I decided on the least appetizing sounding sandwich: Whiz Steak, whiz cheese, onions and steak.

My friend ordered the Blue Bacon Steak and we split some City Fries and Onion Rings. We weren’t going to leave here hungry.

Salt City Cheesesteak Whiz Steak & Fries

The steak was tender and drowning in Whiz. It’s all tucked into an  8″ roll. You knew that this was going to be a gut buster from the first bite. Add the fries and onion rings and you can cancel your afternoon appointments. It will be nap time.

There was a little too much whiz, it was a lot of bread to bite through and the steak had a strong pepper taste. High quality ingredients, they are all just fighting each other for the limelight and in the process seem to take away from the overall show.

Salt City Cheesesteak Onion Rings

The fries and onion rings were spectacular however. They are beer battered, crispy and extraordinarily delicious. That really made the meal. Salt City also has their own “Bang-A-Rang Jalapeno Sauce.” Wow, there is some power here. Please use in moderation.

Being in a Cheesesteak mood lately after eating at Joni’s, I was excited about this new place. They certainly have passion. Will I return? I don’t know! With some things, all the thrill seems to be in the anticipation.

Salt City Cheesesteak Jalapeno Sauce

Happy Eating.   

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