Salt City Cheesesteak Exterior

Last March I went to Back East Cheesesteaks. I really enjoyed the food and attempted twice more to eat there; both without success. There was a sign in the window that they were “closed for skiing” or “closed on mondays.” I did not attempt to go back again for a while. Driving by last month I noticed that a new sign had been put up. It was now called “Salt City Cheesesteaks.” Time to go back I told myself.

Tuesday was the day and I arrived with my good friend who joins me weekly for lunch. The workers are all excited, happy, passionate, kind people. I asked the girl taking our order what happened to Back East. She said that they went out of business and then pointed to the kitchen and said that these were the new owners.

Salt City Cheesesteak Bleu Bacon

The menu gave you a choice if you wanted a Cheesestead for every day of the week and 2 for each day of the weekend: Salt City Classic, American Steak, Whiz Steak, Pepper Steak, Chicken Philly, Sweet Pulled Pork, Bleu Bacon Steak, Garlic Mushroom Steak, French Dip and Veggie. It was a little overwhelming. Ultimately I decided on the least appetizing sounding sandwich: Whiz Steak, whiz cheese, onions and steak.

My friend ordered the Blue Bacon Steak and we split some City Fries and Onion Rings. We weren’t going to leave here hungry.

Salt City Cheesesteak Whiz Steak & Fries

The steak was tender and drowning in Whiz. It’s all tucked into an  8″ roll. You knew that this was going to be a gut buster from the first bite. Add the fries and onion rings and you can cancel your afternoon appointments. It will be nap time.

There was a little too much whiz, it was a lot of bread to bite through and the steak had a strong pepper taste. High quality ingredients, they are all just fighting each other for the limelight and in the process seem to take away from the overall show.

Salt City Cheesesteak Onion Rings

The fries and onion rings were spectacular however. They are beer battered, crispy and extraordinarily delicious. That really made the meal. Salt City also has their own “Bang-A-Rang Jalapeno Sauce.” Wow, there is some power here. Please use in moderation.

Being in a Cheesesteak mood lately after eating at Joni’s, I was excited about this new place. They certainly have passion. Will I return? I don’t know! With some things, all the thrill seems to be in the anticipation.

Salt City Cheesesteak Jalapeno Sauce

Happy Eating.   

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