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Last Friday I had an appointment in North Salt Lake at 12:30pm. I dropped my daughter off in Holladay just after 11:30am and headed north. Knowing that my appointment was rapidly approaching, I turned my attention to the most pressing issue of the day: where to get a good lunch in a short amount of time? That pressure can be overwhelming!

Thankfully I recalled seeing a short segment on a restaurant in North Salt Lake. I knew that it was a Mexican Restaurant and I was pretty sure that I could find it with hunger as my guide. I arrived and the place looked busy; but a party of one was easy to seat.

First they bring out their homemade chips and salsa. The chips are thin, cripsy and delicious. The salsa is very spicy, but addicting; keep your water close by. I wolfed it all down and then hoped that I had room left for my entree.

Lorena's Chips & Salsa

Wanting to try something new I went with the Mexican Steak. This consisted of a top sirloin steak (cooked medium rare) smothered with a thick chili sauce, rice, refried beans, homemade fries, grilled onions and bell peppers. It was a mountain of food.

It took a while to get to the steak. By the time that happened I was full from the other items; especially the fries. They are hand-cut, crispy, spiced with paprika and other delectables and worth eating them all.

There's a Steak in there somewhere!

There’s a Steak in there somewhere!

By the time I got to the steak, I took 2 bites and placed the rest in the to-go container. It was tender; not very flavorful but it didn’t need to be with everything else on the plate.

Lorena’s is worth exiting the freeway for. The service is wonderful in addition to the delicious food. I kept peeking at the dishes the waitresses were carrying. They all looked wonderful.

At one point while taking a picture of the food, my waitress walked up and said “are you trying to make someone jealous.” “everyday in every way” was my reply. Not really, but I did think it.

Lorena’s Mexican Restaurant
2477 South 800 West
Woods Cross, Utah, 84087

Happy Eating

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