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Kitchen Sink Frittata at Pig in a Jelly Jar

Or at least the 10 of the Best Restaurants in Salt Lake City that I have been to. There is no real categorization to the list, just delicious food. Some would be considered dives, others very nice; one simply a food truck while another serves just breakfast and lunch. At one you can enjoy a lunch buffet and another watch a movie while you eat. They are all fabulous and just may be the best part of your day.

Penny Ann’s Cafe: This quaint Cafe is open for breakfast & lunch. Might I recommend the Pot of Gold and whatever you get, be sure to include the Heavenly Hot Cakes. Any meal here will leave you full for 24 hours; just in time to return.

The Better Burger Truck: During the winter, this culinary vehicle goes into hiding. Taste buds far & wide are alerted when Spring has arrived along with the aromas from the Better Burger Truck. All the beef is grass-fed and delicious. Chase your burger with sweet potato fries and a shake made with Farr’s ice cream.

The Kathmandu: There is not a bad dish in the lunch buffet at this Indian & Nepali Restaurant. All you want for under $11 but beware, it’s known to be habit forming.

Pawit’s Royale Thai: I found this Thai restaurant on my journey for Tom Yum perfection. I found it here and truly have woken up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat craving food from Pawit’s Royale.

Pig in a Jelly Jar: My first foray into Chicken and Waffles. What a wonderful adventure that was. You could drink the maple syrup; and I did just that. Their Three-Egg Frittatas are also incredibly delicious. Try the Kitchen Sink.

La Cai Noodle House: The Pho is the shining pillar at this Vietnamese Restaurant. It’s good but don’t overlook the Bun: Vermicelli noodles with charbroiled beef or pork served with a delicious egg roll. On the side, they serve it with a Vietnamese Vinagrette that could make your shoe taste good. I often find myself in the car while it drives itself to La Cai Noodle House.

Halfway there on the list of the best restaurants in Salt Lake. And here is another 5:

Enchiladas at Stella Grill

Enchiladas at Stella Grill

Stella Grill: About 2-3 times a week, I drive past this restaurant. Each time I would tell myself that I would eat there soon. All those “next times” added up to over 3 years. It was time to go and I sure found out what I was missing. Try the enchiladas; they are enhanced with chocolate.

Feldman’s Deli: When you hear the term “Sloppy Joe,” you immediately think of that relative who can’t cook and therefore manwich is what fills their cupboard. But how about a Sloppy Joe that is stuffed with pastrami, corned beef, topped with cole slaw & thousand island on rye? It’s so big that you can have it for lunch and dinner.

Brewvies: We often eat in front of a movie-at home on our couch. If we want to go to a movie, we either smuggle food in or use our kid’s college savings at the concession stand. At Brewvies, you can eat delicious homemade food while you watch a great movie. Their “Teasers” menu can be a meal in itself. How about some slow roasted pulled pork nachos? The pork has been roasting all night.

Taqueria 27: Isn’t a taco bar where you go to the nearest neighborhood taco cart and order  1 of each? Not quite! Taqueria 27 is a taco bar with 9 styles of tacos including the taco of the day. Don’t forget the Queso Fundido but honestly, you had me at 5 types of Guacamole.

What do you think? Are these some of the best restaurants in Salt Lake City? What are your favorites?

Happy Eating
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