Scaddy's Burger

How about a nice juicy, cheesy burger with a basket of fries? Could this be all our guilty pleasures? When the stress of the day compounds, isn’t an escape to place with incredibly unhealthy food exactly what you need to lift your spirits? Maybe not for all of us, but I know for me that there is incredible comfort in a burger & fries. So much so that I have spent amble time & resources in the hunt for a delectable combination.

Here are the top 6, in no particular order (except one):






And Number 1 on the list of Top Burgers:

BURGER BAR in Roy, Utah. This is a mountain of delicious food. Something you would expect to find on the side of the highway in a roadside stand. In all actuality, this is exactly what Burger Bar is. Since 1956, this has been an Institution in Northern Utah.

Just this week, I ate a burger that will soon be on this list; review coming soon.

Now the only question is, at which place shall I meet you for lunch today?

Happy Eating.

Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

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