Bucket O' Crawfish FoodMy Aunt is part of a little gang of lunch foodies. They are always excited to find new restaurants and she happily passes some suggestions on to me. One that she had heard about but had not been to was Bucket O’ Crawfish in West Valley. Just the name alone makes you crave some Cajun seasoning. I put this stuff on cereal; there is nothing like spicy cocoa puffs.

If you have ever heard of a Crab Boil or Crab Bake, it’s where they cook the crab, crawfish, sausage, potatoes, corn and other culinary delectables in a big pot, then dump it on the picnic table. You eat with your hands. It’s messy, it’s plentiful, it’s delicious. One of the reasons that I traveled to Louisiana last year was to experience the food. Would Bucket O’ Crawfish be a similar experience?

Their menu breaks it out into steps. The first being, “WHATCHA HAVN” with choices including shrimp, clams, mussels, snow crab, dungeness crab and crawfish. Step 2 is “CHOOSE YA’ FLAVOR:” Cajun, garlic butter, lemon pepper or crazy mix (all of the above). Step 3 is “SOME LIKE IT HOT:” mild, medium, hot and crazy hot. From here you can pick some sides: corn, potatoes, bread, Cajun fries, sweet potato fries, steamed rice, sausages and you can even order some extra sauce.

They bring the food out in bags and you dump it on your picnic table which is covered in plastic. We ordered shrimp, clams, mussels, snow crab and crawfish in the crazy mix flavor, spiced medium with corn, potatoes, bread, steamed rice and sausages for our sides. It sounded like a lot of food but would it be enough for 8 people?

Who is more creepy?

Who is more creepy?

The first bag of food they brought out was the crawfish. We actually passed the bag around just to inhale the aroma. It was sweet, spicy and opened up senses that you never knew you had. The mussels, shrimp, clams and snow crab arrived with the sides. It was time to throw caution to the wind and enjoy.

The food really was amazing. It had the perfect level of spice. We had fun pulling apart the crawfish and finding the meat. Everything really had a great taste to it. My absolute favorite was the sausage. It was made with alligator. Straight from the bayou, it was moist, tender and a bit sweet.

Given that this is high quality food that is mostly imported, it can be a little pricey. The other downside is that the food goes fast, and you still have room for more. Most restaurants serve a good helping of starch of carbs to help fill you up. When you spend $18 per person with tip, you hope to be a little more full. Other than that, it really was a great experience and they know how to make delicious food.

The crawfish bag still had about 2 cups of sauce in the bottom. I was thinking of what I could make with that. Yes, I probably looked weird carrying a bag of Cajun sauce out of a restaurant but that weekend, we made a delicious Gumbo.

Bucket O’ Crawfish
1980 West 3500 South
West Valley City, Utah, 84119

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