Right across from Trolley Square on 700 E., a new Thai joint has recently opened. My Goal to visit every Thai restaurant in still in force; albeit exhausted lately. The proximity of this place made it easy to stop by. It is so much fun to visit each Thai restaurant and taste their culinary creations. No recipes here. You will see the same dishes at the different restaurants, but incredibly enjoyable to enjoy the unique identity of each.

Skewered Thai Sign

First off, you will love the building. Previously this space was occupied by an English Market. Skewered Thai refinished the interior and it is beautiful. It’s an old bungalow home and fun to figure out if you are eating in the old dining, living or bed room.

For Lunch, Skewered Thai has “Small Bites” (appetizers), Lunch Single Dishes: a large serving of either Pad Siew, Koa Gai (Chicken Noodle Stir Fry), Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodle) or Thai Fried Rice. They also have one of the greatest things to love about many Thai restaurants: Lunch Combo Specials. I’ve always wondered if they make all their profits at dinner because lunch is such a good deal. You pick 2 of the following choices: Basil Stir Fried, Cashew Nut Stir Fried, Param, Ginger Stir Fried, Pad Prik Khing, Broccoli or Asian Broccoli Stir Fried, Sweet and Sour Stir Fried, Mix Vegetable Stir Fried, Red Curry, Green Curry, Yellow Curry, Massaman Curry, Panang Curry, BBQ Pork and Grill Lemongrass Chicken.

I chose the Param: Steamed mix vegetable top with peanut sauce and Panang Curry: coconut milk, bell pepper, zucchini and fresh Thai basil. You get your choice of meat with the curry and I went with chicken.

Param, Panang Curry and Spring Roll

Param, Panang Curry and Spring Roll

If they put any unhealthy additives such as caffeine or msg in the peanut sauce on the Param, I don’t want to know about it; just don’t tell my Mom. Let me live in denial and love it. I could drink this stuff. The vegetables were great but the peanut sauce is what I will really remember.

Panang Curry: just the name sounds exotic enough to order. This curry is typically milder than Green, Yellow and Red Curries but a little spicier than Massaman Curry. It was smooth with a zing. In other words, it was just perfect. Perfectly creamy with delicious, fresh ingredients, I could have eaten this for breakfast. The kaffir lime leaves gave it a herbacious, aromatic kick. As I was getting full, I thought about saving some for later but couldn’t find the strength to leave it on the plate. It resembled the Panang Curry at Siam Orchid.

You also get a Salad and Crispy Fried Spring Roll with the lunch special. Most Thai restaurants that serve a salad, either have a peanut or ¬†creamy poppyseed dressing. This was a mixture of the two. It was wonderful. Again, if any unhealthy additives, I don’t want to know about it.

The service isn’t exactly fast but on a rainy weekday just before Thanksgiving, who is in a hurry anyway. Not that the place is big, but I felt bad for the lone waiter taking care of every table.

Easily accessible location, quaint refinished building, delicious selection of food including $9.00 lunch specials? Give a present to yourself and spend some of your holiday budget here.

Skewered Thai
575 South 700 East

Salt Lake City, Utah, 84102

Happy Eating.