Food Truck Pavilions: For all your Hunger Pains

Better Burger Truck

It’s a terrible feeling when hunger pains are calling and the food truck you desire is not within a
reasonable distance.

But, thankfully, there are some places where you know you can find certain trucks on a regular basis: The Chow Truck can often be found at 9th & 9th in the afternoons and evenings; Better Burger has a presence at Red Moose Coffee on 1700 S. 900 East on evenings during the warmer months; and Gravy Train Poutinerie catches the office lunch crowd a couple of times per week at 120 S. Main.

But the best time and place to catch the food trucks is Thursday—every Thursday—at Gallivan Plaza from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can pick and choose from a bevy of trucks, all within a few feet of one another—no spending money on gas to get an appetizer at one truck, a main course at another and finally dessert at a different truck. OK, maybe that is just me, but you get my drift.

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Myung Ga Ramen: Not Your Childhood Ramen

Myung Ga Ramen Tonkotsu Ramen

Mention the word “ramen,” and many of us will instantly have anxiety-filled memories of 10-for-$1 noodle packages at the grocery store. Your parents might have even bought a case for less than what a fast-food kid’s meal would cost.

But real ramen can be found at Japanese- or Korean-style noodle houses, like Myung Ga Ramen. It opened in February and is operated by the family behind the space’s former restaurant, Myung Ga Korean BBQ & Tofu House, which moved around the corner in late 2013.

Traditionally, ramen refers to both a dish and a process. It all starts with the delicious housemade broth. Then, a large batch of noodles is cooked and added to the broth. Veggies, meats and spices top it all off, and the final product is served to you in a steaming cauldron.

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