The funny thing in life is that we all crave security. We desire everything to progress but with little difficulty. Ironically, the place that has the most security, and that has all your needs taken care of is prison. We all want that dream job but want it to come to us. We want to make a change in some aspect of our life but will start tomorrow. And then many tomorrows later we are still waiting for the right time.

Back in 2011 & 2012 I wrote for Hometown Slop and I mean that I really wrote–3 times a week consistently. There was a lot of reaction as people were noticing the platform. I really loved it and felt in the zone. Restaurant invites came; as did invitations to food shows and cateing events. Never could I have dreamed that simply getting in the game would lead to so much.

And then in February, 2013 something wonderful happened. City Weekly, a local publication in the Salt Lake area, invited me to write for them. The stars did align because a friend of mine, who is a freelance sports writer, had done some work for them and introduced me to the editors. My friend only did that after following my blog  He didn’t just do it because he felt like it. There was a natural show of confidence there and one that I appreciated very much. The editor asked me to pitch some ideas and the pattern of being a regular contributor was born.

Dan Miller, famous Life & Career coach, says that we interview for our jobs everyday whether we realize it or not. There is a joke in the real estate industry that you wake up everyday unemployed. 11 years in that field and I know exactly what that means. The same thing as a contributor–I was not an employee and therefore had no guarantee of consistent work. I had to Pitch them ideas and then was given the green light to write. It would have been great for me for them to say, “here is your column, just write what you want and have it submitted each Thursday at Noon.” But that didn’t happen, I had to prove my value.

When I became a contributor to the Second Helping Column, it started taking a lot of my focus. The 325 word column wasn’t just about sitting down and spending an hour writing. I would research restaurants, write a compelling pitch and if accepted, I would reach out to the restaurant and hope to sit down with the Chef, Owner or both. From there it was getting a draft to my proofer, make the recommended changes and then submit to the editor. Often I was a little worn out by the time I got the final draft submitted at Noon on a Thursday.

I got use to being a contributor and honestly most of the pitches I sent to my editor were approved. It was fun. As life had more demands on it I dropped the regular blog writing and just focused on the column. It wasn’t as regular but I was busy. I missed the consistency of 3 times a week.

We all want change but want it to happen to someone else. Our change should be gradual and when we feel like it so that there is no discomfort right? Not always! Late last week I received an e-mail from City Weekly that as a result of their page count dropping, they will be publishing the Second Helping Column only sporadically; maybe once a month.

What? But I was in the zone. There is the saying, “don’t cry because it’s over, be grateful that it happened. In 2011 I set a goal of becoming a Food Writer. It took a lot of work regularly writing on my blog and in early 2013 I was published; and continued to be so. This has opened the door to many opportunities and will continue to do so.

Thank you for your support. I may be thrown out of my comfort zone some but that is where we grow. If anything, this has shown me what is possible when you get in the game.

Happy Eating and Writing.