Gluttony: over-indulgence or over-consumption of food drink or wealth.

Brazilian & American Cowboy doing their pose

Brazilian & American Cowboy doing their pose


That may well be the definition of Gluttony, but I knew that going in and if there is a good definition of this word, RoDizio would be the reason to use it.

For at least 15 years, RoDizio has been a fun place to go in the Trolley Square Center of Salt Lake City. A great place to gather as friends, business associates or to celebrate a birthday or graduation. It could be just as enjoyable to see the food come by, as it is to eat it. You don’t dare place the little wooden indicator on it’s side or on red; that would stop the food from coming by. Whether you are full or not, to have the waiters come by with the delectable items on the large skewer, is like having your most admired athlete or celebrity stop by for a personal visit.

We were invited out for a Food Writer’s Dinner. They wanted to introduce us to the American BBQ items that RoDizio was rolling out. This is limited time thing from July through Labor Day. Don’t panic, there is only one Brazilian menu item that they removed to make this happen–sweet & sour chicken. If you are looking to indulge in everything from garlic sirloin, parmesan pork, tri-tip, fish, bacon-wrapped chicken, grilled pineapple, and a whole host of other items, you can. And why wouldn’t you? This is the place where happiness comes to be shared.

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In all my visits to RoDizio I have never not ordered the “Full RoDizio.” This is the unlimited variety or rotisserie grilled meats, glazed pineapple, gourmet salad bar including over 30 hot & cold items, and authentic Brazilian appetizers. There may be a menu that they hand you, but I’m not sure why you want one–maybe for the drinks.

You can have as much fun with beverages as you do with the food. I started out with a Brazilian Lemonade. These were wonderful in the past yet this time it fell a little flat. No problem. Just like the tray of meats–if you don’t like something, try another. I heard the waiter telling someone about their famous limeades, so I had a strawberry limeade. This was amazing. They certainly know their mixology. Cans of Guarana can also be brought out at your request. This stuff is as recognizable in Brazil as Coca-Cola is in America. Funny story: one of the other people at our table requested one. The waiter asked if he had ever had one. He said no. The waiter then said, “I’m going to tell you a trick, when you open it, smell it first. That will change the experience.” They both were happy!

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Having spent a lot of time around the Kansas City Barbeque circuit in the past few years, I was excited to try some of this American BBQ. Just this past month, I tried to do some competition style chicken on the smoker–learned from a past Grand Champion and winner of the Jack Daniel’s National. I fell short but RoDizio certainly knew what they were doing. The chicken was amazing. Next they brought around the ribs. They were tough and missing flavor. Don’t let that stop you from going–that was the only item in everything they brought around and everything from the salad bar, that I didn’t like.

Dessert options will be presented to you at a time when you feel like you can’t even fit another sip of water. If they were simply explaining them, reason would win out and you would say “No.” They very wisely however, bring a tray of desserts around and let you pick. I chose the Rabanada: warm cinnamon pastry with a creamy center, served with vanilla ice cream and laced with caramel sauce. It’s like part of a churro on steroids. It is beyond wonderful and beyond worth it. Dessert may not be included with the Full RoDizio, but like investing money in child’s future, the happiness will pay you divdends for decades.



Dining out at RoDizio is a “not if but when” decision. Make sure if you go for lunch, that you have a siesta scheduled from 1:00-3:00pm. And make sure that if you go for dinner, the babysitter is putting the kids down to bed–you will want to do nothing but sit when you get back; sit with delight.

Happy Eating
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