Goat Cheese & Avocado LogOften, when I’m smoking ribs & pork shoulder, I do some not-so-healthy side dishes. Baked beans cooked in bacon fat anyone? Smoked mac & cheese with three types of cheese and a couple cups of heavy cream? It’s so heart-hardening delicious that you can’t pull yourself away.

It’s easy to lie to yourself; we do it all the time: “I’ll lose that extra ten pounds starting tomorrow, or after the new year”; “I’ll save for retirement when the kids are gone and I have extra money.” Well, just like eating unhealthy food, the effect doesn’t catch us for years, so why worry about it now?

I would love to say that the guilt got to me and I made a healthy side-dish for that reason, but really, I just wanted to make my wife happy. She loves goat cheese. Buy a double pack of  goat cheese logs at Costco, put on a fancy place, place some sliced avocado on top along with macadamia nuts and bacon bits. Then add balsamic drizzle and a few splashes of olive oil. Serve with some crackers and place in center of heart attack alley (ribs, pork, beans, mac & cheese, soda).

It’s actually fabulous. My wife had it for a meal.

Happy Eating.