The Old Dutch Store: Insulate my Heart for Winter

Old Dutch Store, Sandwiches & Soup 1

In the Netherlands, there’s an old folk belief that a layer of fat around your heart keeps you warm and happy throughout the winter. And though the concept is contrary to current health trends, food that contributes to such a layer certainly tastes good.

The Old Dutch Store on Highland Drive sells traditional foods from the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia that will make you happy. In addition to chocolates and sweets, the shop boasts a deli counter with soups and specialty meats and cheeses.

I ordered turkey, havarti, tomato and lettuce on a wheat roll—and, following Dutch tradition, I passed on all condiments except butter. Americans know that butter is great on toast, and now I know it’s wonderful on sandwiches, too.

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My Love of Smoking!

Nearly 8 pounds of Brisket at 7:45am. Not a bad start to the day.

Nearly 8 pounds of Brisket at 7:45am. Not a bad start to the day.

In June 2012, my wife got me a smoker for my birthday. I definitely loved BBQ and smoked meat–hence the reason for the gift. Did I know how to cook it myself at the time, not so much! We had a rack of beef ribs from my in-laws. They had bought a half cow of meat so beef was a plenty. I don’t even think that I put a rub on it. I simply placed it on the smoker and when I felt it was done, took it off. Those ribs were nasty. It could have been the quality of the meat, but my process, or lack thereof, didn’t help.

Now it’s almost 2 years later and there is so much you can do with a smoker. You can make good to great; and great to better. That first Thanksgiving since getting the smoker, it was my job along with Sous Chefs Sam & Jesse to cook the turkey. We brined them for 3 days and smoked them Thanksgiving morning. Wow! The culinary scale had been raised. Lately it was been a weekly event of cooking either ribs, chicken, pork shoulder, brisket; or a combination. My wife never thought that she liked BBQ, but she is now a convert.

It has also been a great experience to find some places around Salt Lake where they are almost deity in the smoking world. Here are just 3:

Pat’s BBQ: Pat is a legend around these parts. For 28 years now, he has been smoking meat. He started on the street by towing his Oklahoma Joe’s trailer around and catering for people. He then got a just a small space in his current location where people could walk up and order food. Now you can enjoy live music and any number of great smoked delights. Try the smoked meatloaf. I have cooked with Pat and the man has a PHD in BBQ.

Charlotte Rose’s Carolina BBQ: When I wrote this article, a couple of people gave me some grief. They went there and weren’t impressed. This reminds me of a lesson my wife taught me. Last summer I was working with 10 real estate clients. 8 were moving forward and 2 were not; yet those 2 were taking all my time. I wanted to throw it all away. She told me to get rid of the 2 and keep the 8. Don’t get rid of all because just a small portion are not moving along. I did just that.

Same idea applies to Charlotte Rose’s Carolina BBQ. Far more people love this than not. Trae makes some delicious food, much of it with copious amounts of butter and sugar. You can’t just get out of here with a meal, you will have a new friend.

Pig Out BBQ: This was a recent article that I wrote for City Weekly. Meeting the owner, Toko, was a wonderful experience. He has had a lifelong passion for food and only after an injury in his previous profession, did he turn to cooking full time. They make some delicious Island and Southern BBQ at Pig Out. They also have one of the most addictive sauces around.

Looking for things to smoke may have a bad connotation, but I do it daily. Seeking out those who have smoked for years, only encourages me more. As they say, “once is one too many, and one more is never enough” may also apply to meat.

Here is to the next mouth-watering creation.

Happy Eating.

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The Top Burgers in Salt Lake City!

Scaddy's Burger

How about a nice juicy, cheesy burger with a basket of fries? Could this be all our guilty pleasures? When the stress of the day compounds, isn’t an escape to place with incredibly unhealthy food exactly what you need to lift your spirits? Maybe not for all of us, but I know for me that there is incredible comfort in a burger & fries. So much so that I have spent amble time & resources in the hunt for a delectable combination.

Here are the top 6, in no particular order (except one):






And Number 1 on the list of Top Burgers:

BURGER BAR in Roy, Utah. This is a mountain of delicious food. Something you would expect to find on the side of the highway in a roadside stand. In all actuality, this is exactly what Burger Bar is. Since 1956, this has been an Institution in Northern Utah.

Just this week, I ate a burger that will soon be on this list; review coming soon.

Now the only question is, at which place shall I meet you for lunch today?

Happy Eating.

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Top Six: Best of Salt Lake City Thai Food

Panang Curry

Panang Curry

Thai Food is something of an addiction for me. The story of me waking up in the night in a cold sweat craving Tom Yum Soup is true. The quest to visit all the Thai restaurants in the valley is not yet complete, but well under way. For those I have patronized, here are the top 6:

Number 6: Thai Garden & Noodle House

Number 5: Thai Lotus

Number 4: Thai Basil

Number 3: Tasty Thai

Number 2: Sala Thai

Number 1: Pawit’s Royale Thai

Happy Eating

Best Mexican Restaurants in Salt Lake City

You know the feeling, the one of craving the Carne Asada Burrito, Smothered Chile Verde, Homemade Chips with Guacamole & Salsa, or all 3? The problem is that these cravings usually come on at 3:00am and you can do nothing but lay back down and cry.

Finally, morning arrives and you pretend to be interested in meetings and e-mails until the moment when you break free and get to the restaurant. The anticipation alone almost brings on cardiac arrest but you even can push that off to indulge your cravings.

If those cravings are Mexican Food, let me help you with some of the best Mexican restaurants in Salt Lake City & surrounding area:

Pork Carnitas Burrito at Las Glorias

Pork Carnitas Burrito at Las Glorias

El Mana



La Fountain

Las Glorias

All of these places serve delicious, authentic food. They are all unique and could be that Dive you find on your road trip; the one you claim is the best food you ever tasted. Thanks for enjoying the best Mexican restaurants in Salt Lake City with me.

Las Glorias Chips


Happy Eating

Burger Bar – Roy, Utah

For most of my life I have lived in the Salt Lake area. This had led to countless trip north on Interstate 15 for work, play, or vacation. In all that time I cannot recall ever getting off at the Roy exit in Davis County. Maybe I went to the Hill Air Force Base Museum as a kid, or showed a home in that area, but I don’t remember.

Last week we were heading to Bear Lake and had previously decided to make a stop in Roy, Utah. Why you might ask? For the best reason possible: Food.

The Burger Bar has been a Roy institution since 1956. I am sure that it was on a small country road back then. With it’s location at a busy intersection and close proximity to I-15, it has exploded in popularity. Places like this create a cult-like following. Add to this the fact that Burger Bar was featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. It has the 50’s style outdoor walk-up counter. Can we say Americana? There are some concrete benches out front where you can sit down to eat. The other option is to take it to-go.

I ordered a Big Cheese Ben burger with fries and a large Dr. Pepper (that has the great crunchy ice). Rachel got the same except for onion rings instead of fries. It was all delicious. Most places that have been on Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives are. First, the burgers are HUGE. You can tell that they use good quality meat. The buns must be home-made as they are soft (it reminds you of Hires’ buns) and the burgers are nice and juicy with a big dollop of home-made fry sauce on them. The fries are twice-fried. They have a crunch and are overall delicious. The onion rings are also amazing; crunchy with true batter, not the bread crumbs, this makes a thin breading, not too greasy.

There was a third of my burger and half the fries remaining and I was stuffed. We got there at 10:45am (it opens at 10:00am for true Foodies) and by 11:15am the place was getting busy. I didn’t eat again until about 6:30pm that evening.

For anyone traveling north or south on I-15 through Davis County, don’t hesitate to stop at the Burger Bar in Roy. Your only disappointment will be trying to find the northbound freeway entrance after you eat.

Burger Bar
5291 South 1900 West
Roy, Utah

Happy Eating.

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