Garden Espresso Cafe

Last Friday a wonderful Title Rep took me to lunch. She recommended Garden Espresso Cafe in Murray. I have never heard of the place and wondered if it was a coffee shop serving a pre-packed sandwich. When I arrived at the Title office and got a tour of their new facilities, everyone was talking about the restaurant we were going to for lunch. I began to have some optimism.

As we arrived, it had a distinct French Cafe feel. Everyone was relaxed and in no hurry to leave. Another thing I noticed, was that along with myself, there were 3 other males in the place: another Rep. from the title company, a home warranty Rep. who came with us and the Cafe’s Owner. They didn’t throw us out however.

It was a soup & sandwich cafe with a smaller menu. The soup of the day was roasted garlic and tomato. Having attended a soup class two weeks ago, I instantly knew what I was going to order. I decided to have a sandwich with the soup; club sandwich on sourdough with a spicy mayo.

The food was delicious. Roasted garlic and tomato soup is a wonderful creation. The minced garlic was flavorful but not overpowering. There must have been a lot of butter (which I am in no way against) that really fnished off the soup with a creamy, rich flavor. The atmosphere was very welcoming and relaxing. I could see why people were in no hurry to leave.

Tucked just off Vine Street, east of 900 E. you may never know this was here unless you were looking for it. If you are in the area, don’t just drive on by. Stop, get a sandwich, cup of soup and bring a book. Stay a while. Next time I will be sure to do the same.

Garden Espresso Cafe
917 Vine Street
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84121
(801) 266-0997
Happy Eating.

Finn’s Cafe

Last week my Aunt & Uncle from Scottsdale were in town. Anytime I visit them we go to fabulous restaurants as Scottsdale is a culinary mecca. I had anxiety initially about where to take them for breakfast. I usually don’t eat much breakfast & Village Inn has long since dropped off my list. Thankfully Finn’s Cafe came to mind. It’s within walking distance to my house; and I am ashamed to admit that I have only had breakfast there twice.

It was a beautiful morning on the patio at Finn’s. Breakfast was served & everyone was happy. It is hard to go wrong with a food choice at Finn’s. The norwegian waffle, classic french toast, & sourdough pancakes will leave you full & delightful. The Omlettes are heavenly & fluffy. I had the eggs benedict. It was delicious. The english muffins were perfectly toasted & the eggs cooked to perfection. My only small complaint is that the hollandaise sauce was a little lumpy & needed more salt.

Finn’s is open for breakfast & lunch. The lunch menu is equally as wonderful.

Finn’s Cafe
1624 S. 1100 E.
SLC, Ut, 84105

Happy eating.

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