The Beehive Grill in Logan: A ROOTBEER Brew Pub!

The Beehive Grill Menu

As the NFL Draft approached a few years ago, an executive was interviewed by the media. When asked what he was looking for in a player, he replied: “We don’t know what we are looking for but we will know it when we see it.” How often do you want something but don’t know what it is? It could be a snack, vacation, meal or movie. There is something inside us that knows, but our mind holds us back. We have to search and experiment before the answer comes.

Last week, my family along with Sous Chefs Sam & Jesse and their family were heading to Bear Lake for the weekend. We needed to take 2 cars and I rode with these 2 up and coming culinary geniuses. You have a choice when driving to Bear Lake– either going the route through Logan, Utah or Evanston, Wyoming. Knowing that we needed to pick up dinner, we chose Logan. Nothing against Evanston; we just didn’t want Subway, Burger King, or a gas station hot dog.

In Logan, we pulled up to one place just off Main St. Sitting in the car, we just didn’t feel drawn inside. It was that moment where it would be easy to go inside and order just to get it out of the way, but you didn’t really want it. Sous Chef Sam mentioned that we had passed The Beehive Grill just a block back. We looked up the menu on our phone and the appetizer menu was enough to get us there.

The Beehive Grill looks just like a pub, because it pretty much is as they serve their own brewed beer. But you have to look closer at the sign as you walk in, “Logan’s only Rootbeer Brew Pub.” Rootbeer you say? This was sounding more delicious by the second.

We sat down at our tables to order an appetizer, get food to go and now definitely enjoy a Rootbeer. How could we turn that down if it is one of their signature items? It was sweet, smooth and dry. Something (mainly my personality) told me that this wasn’t going to be a quick stop.

Sumptuous Clam Chowder

Sumptuous Clam Chowder

The menu is loaded with sandwiches, burgers, seafood, pasta, BBQ, mouth-watering appetizers and soups. An appetizer to share turned into one each with us ordering Battered Mushrooms, Potato Skins and a bowl of Clam Chowder. With each spoonful of that delicious chowder, my urgency to arrive in Bear Lake moved slower down the priority lane. We did wake up to the fact that we still needed food to go. Oh this was going to be fun.

It felt like one of those blank check moments–where someone is wining an dining you so you can order whatever you want. Except I was the one wining and dining the others so I knew whatever we ordered would be coming out of my bank account. That was okay, it was family. We got some more battered mushrooms to go, crab and artichoke dip, BBQ pork sandwich, ribeye steak, French dip, rainbow tortellini with pesto–add chicken, triple grilled cheese and a southwestern wrap. Later on in the drive I wished that we had taken a 1/2 gallon of that rootbeer. Was it too late to turn around?

It was too late for more rootbeer, but we were so excited to share these delicious dishes with those waiting at the lake. It was hunger, it was excitement, it was delicious. All of those things conspired to make us inhale our food. What did remain was eaten for breakfast the next morning; it didn’t even need to be re-heated to taste good.

No in-depth review of each item here. Just pure excitement in finding The Beehive Grill. If the 9 items we did order are indicative of the quality & taste of this place, then I wouldn’t hesitate ordering anything from the menu.

Usually you plan the vacation and get whatever food you can find on the way there. Now I know that I am going to plan my lunch at Beehive Grill, and the vacation can come together as it was meant to be–priorities people!

Happy Eating!

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Burger Bar – Roy, Utah

For most of my life I have lived in the Salt Lake area. This had led to countless trip north on Interstate 15 for work, play, or vacation. In all that time I cannot recall ever getting off at the Roy exit in Davis County. Maybe I went to the Hill Air Force Base Museum as a kid, or showed a home in that area, but I don’t remember.

Last week we were heading to Bear Lake and had previously decided to make a stop in Roy, Utah. Why you might ask? For the best reason possible: Food.

The Burger Bar has been a Roy institution since 1956. I am sure that it was on a small country road back then. With it’s location at a busy intersection and close proximity to I-15, it has exploded in popularity. Places like this create a cult-like following. Add to this the fact that Burger Bar was featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. It has the 50’s style outdoor walk-up counter. Can we say Americana? There are some concrete benches out front where you can sit down to eat. The other option is to take it to-go.

I ordered a Big Cheese Ben burger with fries and a large Dr. Pepper (that has the great crunchy ice). Rachel got the same except for onion rings instead of fries. It was all delicious. Most places that have been on Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives are. First, the burgers are HUGE. You can tell that they use good quality meat. The buns must be home-made as they are soft (it reminds you of Hires’ buns) and the burgers are nice and juicy with a big dollop of home-made fry sauce on them. The fries are twice-fried. They have a crunch and are overall delicious. The onion rings are also amazing; crunchy with true batter, not the bread crumbs, this makes a thin breading, not too greasy.

There was a third of my burger and half the fries remaining and I was stuffed. We got there at 10:45am (it opens at 10:00am for true Foodies) and by 11:15am the place was getting busy. I didn’t eat again until about 6:30pm that evening.

For anyone traveling north or south on I-15 through Davis County, don’t hesitate to stop at the Burger Bar in Roy. Your only disappointment will be trying to find the northbound freeway entrance after you eat.

Burger Bar
5291 South 1900 West
Roy, Utah

Happy Eating.

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