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For the past few years I have had a love affair with food; no, not an overeating problem but a love of cooking, tasting, critiquing & experimenting with food. My wife says that I am a food snob.
In 2009 I decided that I really wanted to take my cooking to the next level. I registered for cooking classes at Sur La Table & in 2010, found the “Fine Art of Cooking” series at Orson Gygi taught by Chef Shawn Bucher. This course taught me the fundamentals of cooking. It’s not a “follow this recipe” class but a foundation on how to be a fabulous cook. I am not a great recipe follower so this really fit. I have since taken other classes, gleaned any knowledge I can along the way and have done a great deal of my own experimenting.
What will follow will be my adventures in cooking. I will also be a food critic (albeit a nice one) for restaurants.

Restaurant Reviews
– only fresh ingredients –

A Tale of the Twin Cities: The Sequel. My visit to Minnesota

Well just how do you top a day of wandering, Hell's Kitchen and Baseball? You start by going to Hell's Kitchen again-for breakfast as reviewed in the first post. And then time for more wandering. We went down to the mighty Mississippi River. Since the river starts in...

Twin Cities: Wandering, Hell’s Kitchen and Baseball

Early this summer, I knew that it was time to plan a trip. There is nothing better than a vacation with very few commitments. I have traveled with people who need to plan every minute; It sickens me to my core. I love to wander but remember, not all who wander are...


Brined and Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey

About two months prior to Thanksgiving I was assigned the task of bringing the turkeys. Okay, I might have volunteered. Sous Chefs Sam & Jesse know that when I volunteer, it means all three of us.I took some time pondering what would be best. Smoking the turkey was...

Smoked Roasted Chicken with Herbed Butter

My love for the smoker grows each time I use it. Traeger recommended this recipe for whole roasted chickens. I quickly fell in love when I found a whole chicken at the grocery store runs $5-$7, cooks in under 90 minutes, and feeds many. Sous Chef Sam and I made 2...

Thai Chicken Skewers: More Grilling Bliss!

While searching for more delicious recipes for the smoker, we came across a recipe for Thai Chicken Skewers on the Traeger site. I was sold immediately on the name alone. Rachel encouraged me to research further, but research and my personality do not mix. More on...

Smoked Cabbage with Bacon

Since I received the Traeger Smoker for a birthday gift, I have been searching for delicious recipes. Having little experience with smoking meat (or smoking much else for that matter), I am learning the basics and expanding from there. It is the turning out to be the...


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